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Reverse Phone Lookup

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you keep my information anonymous to the phone owner ?

Yes, we do. Your trust is very important to us and we want to make sure that you can can use our service safely and anonymously.

Why do I see multiple "Sources" of information in my paid report?

Sources refer to different search algorithms our search engine uses to find people. If you find more than 1 source in your paid report, it is because more than 1 search algorithm was able to find a match. Think of it as more than one possible match.

I just paid for a report but did not get adequate or any relevant information. Why is that?

In some cases, our search engine is genuinely not able to find a match. An example would be someone using Skype phone number. Since most VOIP based phone numbers are registered to the company, Skype as an example, we are not able to identify the user who might be using the number.

Is my interaction with ZLOOKUP secure?

Yes. All information that flows back and forth between your PC and our servers is encrypted and therefore secure.